Why You Must Consider Windows Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting Makes Your Web Operation Flawless ✓

Businesses that want a perfect hosting environment that is stable, secure, controllable, and, most importantly, highly customizable should consider buying a dedicated server.  However, just choosing the type of hosting server doesn’t resolve all the questions related to your hosting environment.

Next, is choosing the type of operating system you want to run your hosting environment. Though Linux hosting is a prevalent type of operating system, the benefits of Windows dedicated server cannot be ignored. 

So, before you plan to buy a domain and web hosting for business, let us understand why you must consider Windows-dedicated hosting.

Do You Need Dedicated Server Hosting?

Before considering having a dedicated Windows server hosting, let us understand whether you need a dedicated server or not. 

So, the biggest advantage of having a dedicated hosting server is “security,” which is over and above any hosting option. There is no sharing of server resources like shared hosting, neither physically nor virtually. 

That helps to create a safe hosting environment, securing your hosting infrastructure against any potential threat.

Another advantage of dedicated server hosting is control over your hosting environment. You get complete administrative control over your environment, i.e., root authorization and access.

Therefore, when you buy a dedicated server, you get a secure, controllable, and highly customizable hosting environment. This further ensures that you don’t face any speed issues or downtime, helping you improve your hosting environment’s overall performance.

Businesses whose key requirements are server safety, control, a customizable environment, and availability should definitely choose a dedicated hosting server.

Reasons to Consider Windows Dedicated Server

The two main operating systems used with hosting servers are Linux and Windows OS. Both operating systems are unique and differ in the features and the apps they support. 

Though both are great here, we will discuss some specific characteristics of Windows OS. That will help you evaluate the reason to consider it-

Technology Used Particulars
ASP ASP is a critical web page designing tool/framework used for creating your web pages.
FrontPage FrontPage is like WYSIWYG which helps to create web pages and forms before uploading them to a website.
.NET .NET is a software framework that offers solutions for connection, application development, security, and much more.
Windows Streaming Media Windows Streaming Media is a method for presenting audio and video content, which is mainly used with movie trailers.
Access Access is a database management system like MySQL commonly used for storing data in tables.

Why You Must Consider Windows Dedicated Hosting

  • Simplifies Task In Hand

So, if your business is heavily dependent on Microsoft services, Windows OS works excellently. Running Windows programs on Windows platforms simplifies the task at hand.

  • Provide Better Support

When webpages use .NET technology to improve their webpage performance, Windows OS provides better support as It is Windows-based. Further, Windows OS is also necessary to support databases developed with Microsoft SQL or Access. 

Servers supported by other OSs and Linux are not powerful enough to support some databases. Two of the most popular development tools, FrontPage and Visual Interdev, benefit from Windows dedicated servers. SharePoint is another Microsoft tool that works seamlessly with Windows servers for data communication.

  • Graphical Interface

When you have a dedicated server you have complete control over your server. When you have Linux, you have SSH to connect to their servers securely with a command-line interface for managing the server remotely.

 But when you have Windows OS, you get a remote desktop connection, which has a graphical interface. That is similar to using a computer allowing more straightforward navigation and management.


Therefore, Windows Dedicated Hosting is flexible and user-friendly, especially when you are Microsoft service-dependent. It provides better software support, which works great when you have less technical know-how. 

Further, the graphical interface gives you better control over your whole infrastructure, which is extremely handy when you buy a dedicated hosting infrastructure. 

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