What are retail store display tables and the different designs?

Retail Store Display Tables | Merchandise Display Tables

In the subject of in­store or shop­per marketing, a great deal of effort is expended on the design of the most appropriate retail display. The importance of knowing the various sorts of displays and how they are utilized to have an influence on sales cannot be overstated since a good display may assist in competing for retail support.

The usefulness of a display is not just dependent on how visually stunning it is. Sales may be increased by using even the most basic of materials when they are done correctly and as part of a consistent merchandising and in-store communication plan.


A retail store display tables unit is a display unit that is used in physical retail areas to show or promote an offer to customers while they are shopping. Any in-store, consumer, or trade marketing strategy is focused on a variety of factors, including the look of the display and the communicative goals it serves. It is often the initial point of interaction between a brand, a product, and the consumer.

Displays are used by every brand maker that sells their products via a retail outlet. They are often designed and implemented by merchandisers, for example, when a new product, an innovation, a promotion, or a (re)activation is introduced. They also make certain that they are capable of performing at the required level and for the expected length of time.

Retail display cases come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  1. Floor-standing display unit (FSDU)

When fully stocked with inventory, a stock-holding floorstand improves the visibility and accessibility of the products being offered at the critical moment of truth in the sales process. Because of their eye-catching designs, vibrant patterns and colors, and innovative material usage, they are visually appealing when the items are carefully grouped on specialized shelves or blister hooks, as seen above. They help to raise awareness of a brand and persuade shoppers to examine the items that are on retail store display tables display.

  1. The Isle

These are free-standing floorstands that may be accessible from any direction, making them very versatile. They may be found anyplace in the shop where there is a clear area for them to stand. They are effective displays because they break through traffic flow patterns and keep consumers interested in the store.

  1. Display Cases

It is a kind of free-standing display unit that is closed on all sides by glass or transparent plastic windows. A display case (or cabinet) may be either glass or transparent plastic. It keeps the most precious items away from direct touch with customers.. Customers may need to make contact with store staff in order to get access to the merchandise, who will then fetch the item from the display unit. These displays are often used to exhibit high-end objects that are susceptible to theft because of the level of protection they provide.

  1. Glorifier

Brands may create one-of-a-kind glorifiers to promote their products in an unconventional manner. Glorifiers are used for decorative reasons and provide a unique visual experience that is both beautiful and educational to the buyer. They are the ideal platform for displaying a product because of the almost limitless variety of shapes, designs, and materials available. Because glorifiers are solely designed to enhance the theatrical presentation of a product’s attributes and features, buyers may locate them on the product’s home shelf.

  1. Counter-top display unit

A counter display unit is a self-contained presentation that is often used for smaller objects. When placed on a store counter or a table, it stimulates customers to make impulsive purchases. They are an excellent method of displaying things in-store without taking up valuable floor space.