Reasons Your WordPress Website Will Get Hacked and How To Avoid It?

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WordPress is one of the most popular platforms businesses and individuals use to build custom websites for their brands. However, as it is so popular, the chances of your WordPress website getting hacked also increase.

The investment in any web domain and hosting service is crucial for your business’s growth and success. However, being unaware of the potential threats from hackers when using a WordPress host can result in significant loss to the business or brand.

In this blog, we will discuss the potential reasons why your WordPress website security might get compromised and how to avoid it.

Common Reasons Why Your Website Might Get Hacked with Prevention Tips

  • Outdated Software 

WordPress is a highly user-friendly website creation platform that allows collaboration to introduce newer themes, plugins, etc, continuously. 

Multiple benefits of the collaborative approach are present, meaning some versions of the updates can become outdated. Using outdated software decreases the WordPress security level and increases platform vulnerabilities for hackers to exploit.

Prevention Tip: Update your WordPress features, plugins, and themes to the latest versions. You can do so by enabling automatic updates to avoid manual interaction with the system.

  • Bad Password Strength

One common mistake that compromises your WordPress website security is using weak or easy-to-guess passwords.

Prevention Tip: Using unique, strong and complex passwords like a combination of numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special characters to safeguard your admin profiles and other user profiles can save your website from hackers.

  • Insecure Host 

Some WordPress websites are hosted on shared servers, resulting in poorly configured hosting environments for your WordPress website, which can increase the vulnerabilities and scope of hacking.

Prevention Tip: Always research well and choose a hosting provider that promises high security. Look for features like firewall protection and read multiple reviews to check the frequency of security audits done by the hosting provider to ensure your WordPress website is secure from the get-go.

  • Low User Access Protection For Admins

The admins of a WordPress website are authorised to perform any actions to change things on the WordPress website. 

However, with multiple admins and low user access protection, the possibility of hackers tapping into your system increases significantly. The entire website is compromised even if one admin profile is hacked.

Prevention Tip: To avoid hackers getting into your WordPress website security, adopting password protection by adding multiple layers of authentication and verification can greatly help. This can be done using strong passwords and adding two-factor authentication, especially for admin access.

  • Lack Of Security plugin 

Most people do not understand the importance of a WordPress security plugin. Yes, a WordPress server is a safe option. However, with the constantly evolving technologies, hackers’ tactics have also improved. Therefore, no security plugins can open your WordPress website to attack.

Prevention Tip: Research and install a trusted and reputable security plugin for your WordPress website. This additional plugin will update your website security for WordPress, strengthening it against external threats.

  • Not Maintaining Activity Logs or Backups

WordPress websites are an easy choice for customers because of its user-friendly interface. However, what most people fail to identify is the suspicious activities going around on the website.

The easiest way to ensure website security for WordPress is to monitor the activity logs of your website. This will allow you to always watch for any unauthorised activity and take immediate action for resolution.

Prevention Tip: Plugins are available for all different requirements for a WordPress website. Investing in a good activity log plugin is a great choice to prevent activity log-related hacking threats, as it tracks every major and minor change on the website for you to evaluate.

Summing Up

Most of the reasons why your WordPress website security might be compromised are easy to resolve, given your focus on strengthening your website’s core. 

Simply put, adding layers of verification authentication and using complex and strong passwords can significantly safeguard your website from malicious threats. 

Additionally, choosing the right WordPress hosting provider and ensuring all the necessary plugins are present Will enhance the overall website security to another level. 

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