How to use Twitter Communities as a Marketing Tool

Why Twitter Communities?

Similar to LinkedIn and Facebook Groups, Twitter Communities can give businesses a platform where they can interact with niche groups relevant to their brand and use it as a channel to market themselves and connect with potential customers. At the moment you have 2 options when it comes to Twitter Communities: wait to be invited to a group, or create a community and choose who you invite to join it. Hoping and waiting that you’ll be invited to a community doesn’t seem like the most beneficial and productive option to promote your brand, so we would suggest that you start your own.

How to set up your Twitter community

If you have decided to create your own group that is relevant to your brand, then there are only a few steps that you need to follow in order to get your community up and running:

  • Open a community creation request form on Twitter
  • Add a community description
  • Submit your request and wait for approval
  • Once approved, invite your community members and start sharing your content

How to use Twitter Communities to promote your business

The main goal when creating a community for your business, is to spread brand awareness, build trust and to get more people interested and involved. That sounds great but only members of these groups may engage with the community, so how do you grow your business? Luckily, anyone is able to see the contents of different communities, but without an invitation you cannot get involved in the discussions.

This is why it is important to post quality content and to actively encourage conversation within your groups because this will ultimately serve as an ad for other Twitter users. It will incentivize them to reach out to your business and get involved within the community. As a result your business is able to create a safe community where users with similar interests can share their thoughts and opinions all while associating that feeling of community and trust with your business thus potentially creating loyal customers.

How to engage with Twitter Community

  • Creating value through tweets: There is no point in posting consistently if your audience does not gain value from your tweets. By curating your tweets and keeping your audience in mind, there is no doubt that you will gain shares, likes and new member requests.
  • Retweet directly from other twitter accounts: your retweet may end up on the page of someone who follows the original author which spreads the word of your community
  • Make your tweets actionable: Ask your community members to retweet your posts so that they may encourage more people to join the community that you have created. They may be easily encouraged if incentives are given such as promo codes.
  • Watch your competitors: By watching your competitors you will not only be able to see what they do that is successful but where they are falling short and you may be able to fill the gap.
  • Keep it short and visual: Short tweets are quick to read and even easier to share. If paired with a visual it may immediately draw attention and encourage users as they may actually read the content of the post.

Twitter communities allow users to filter through the masses of information constantly made available on the platform and connect users with brands to build relationships. This is why it is such an essential tool to incorporate into any business’s marketing strategy because for every brand or topic there will certainly be users waiting for a community where they may find comfort. Isn’t that the dream? Make sure that your brand doesn’t miss this opportunity to broaden your current customer base and optimize the relationship with new audiences.

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